OnlyFans Prices: How Much to Charge on OnlyFans

Your pricing strategy on OnlyFans is a key component to your success. Charge too much too soon, and you won't get the attention you're looking for. Charging too little means a poor income and an audience of low-spenders. Find out how to price your subscription and content just right to get more sales and maximize your earnings.
OnlyFans | May 29, 2024 | 7 min read
This OnlyFans pricing guide teaches you how to set your OnlyFans prices for the maximum earnings.
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How much to charge on OnlyFans to maximize earnings

A major trap many new creators fall into is charging the lowest possible price in the hopes of getting more sales. But there are a few problems with this approach:

With that in mind, you should put some thought into your OnlyFans pricing now so you aren't forced to raise prices too soon.


On OnlyFans, you can charge anywhere from $4.99 to $50 for a monthly subscription to your page.

But how much is an average OnlyFans subscription? $7.21, to be exact.

Most creators stick to the lower end of the allowed range to attract more subscribers. $5 to $10 is the most common price.

But there are plenty of cases where it makes more sense to go with a higher price.

Ultimately, how to set subscription price on OnlyFans is different for each creator. $10 is a good starting point. But if any of the above criteria applies to you, don't hesitate to charge more.

PPV content

You can sell images, videos, and audio recordings as PPV (Pay-per-view) content on OnlyFans. This means users have to pay before they can view the locked message.

This can be a huge moneymaker. For many of the top creators, it's their biggest source of income. But you need to be smart about your pricing.

Other sources of income

OnlyFans has some other income sources where you can influence and adjust pricing.

4 strategies for monetizing your OnlyFans

There are 4 main strategies creators use to monetize their OnlyFans. They all have their pros and cons, and how you generate the bulk of your OnlyFans income differs depending on which one you choose.

Free OnlyFans with PPV

Your first option is to create a free page and monetize it by introducing PPV content later down the line. This strategy is popular among creators starting without a following.

A free page attracts subscribers quickly, so you'll find it much easier to build an initial following. But you need some skill to monetize this following successfully.

Once you have some subscribers, you'll try to sell them PPV content and make most of your money that way. We cover the process in full detail in our guide on selling PPV content on OnlyFans.

Paid Page with PPV

The standard option and what most creators go for. You'll create a paid page and set a low subscription price of around $5-10 to attract more subs.

This strategy involves a mixed approach. You post some content to your timeline to keep subs around and engaged. But you also keep your very best content for PPV purposes.

A creator's take on OnlyFans pricing with the PPV strategy. A creator's take on OnlyFans pricing with the PPV strategy.

You generate a consistent monthly income through subscriptions while also making a lot more money from time to time with major PPV releases.

No PPV OnlyFans

The no PPV OnlyFans is a more recent innovation. Users are starting to understand how the business works, and they dislike the fact that to see a creator's most explicit content, they have to pay more on top of the monthly subscription.

That's where the no PPV OnlyFans comes in. This strategy involves posting all your content to your timeline and charging a higher monthly subscription to make up for the inability to sell PPV content. You'll want to price your sub at the upper end of the allowed range, somewhere between $20 to $50 a month.

No PPV pages charge a higher OnlyFans cost, but don't price-lock any content. No PPV pages charge a higher OnlyFans cost, but don't price-lock any content.

The appeal for your audience is that they get everything you have to offer in one place without having to pay more than the monthly sub cost.

Alternate Revenue Streams

Another way to make good money with OnlyFans is by tapping into alternate revenue streams. You have plenty of options here:

Now, most of these options are usually most accessible to intermediate and veteran creators. While you might not be able to utilize them right when you start out, keep an eye out for opportunities.

Setting prices for more sales

OnlyFans prices aren't a set-and-forget matter on OnlyFans. You have to review and adjust them from time to time. And OnlyFans makes it easy for you to do that with bundling, discount, and promotional features.

Adjusting OnlyFans prices

While you should adjust your OnlyFans prices when it's necessary, be careful about doing it too often. For one, your existing subscribers won't be too happy.

But more importantly, over the coming month, you'll likely lose some subscribers who have auto-renew on. Adjusting your subscription cost disables the auto-renew feature for your existing subs, and they have to manually resubscribe.

Account for OnlyFans' cut

Lastly, just remember to account for OnlyFans fees when setting your prices - the platform takes a 20% cut from your earnings before adding the remainder to your balance.

$10 OnlyFans subscription price means $8 in income for you.

FAQs about OnlyFans prices

How much is an OnlyFans subscription on average?

The average OnlyFans price for a subscription is $7.21.

How much does OnlyFans cost for creators?

Creators don't pay; creating an account is completely free. However, a 20% fee is charged on earnings.

How much does OnlyFans cost for subscribers?

An OnlyFans subscription usually costs $5 to $10. Add any money spent on PPV content on top, and that's the monthly OnlyFans cost for subscribers.

Conclusion: How much is OnlyFans?

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