OnlyFans PPV: Top 3 Strategies to Make More Money

Not selling PPV on OnlyFans? You're missing out big time! You can more than double your income by selling PPV content to your subs! But you need to do it right - because spamming offers and bundles in your subs' DMs will only cause them to run away. Keep reading to learn the top 3 strategies for OnlyFans PPV and discover how to use PPV to cash in on your content.
OnlyFans|December 12, 2023|12 min read
Unlock exclusive content on OnlyFans with Pay-Per-View (PPV), a feature allowing creators to charge fans for premium content via direct messages or paywalled posts. Learn strategies for free and paid pages, effective messaging, pricing, and promotion on platforms like Reddit for optimal PPV success.

What does PPV mean on OnlyFans?

PPV is short for pay per view. On OnlyFans, it refers to content locked behind a paywall - your fans must pay a fixed amount to view it. Even if they already paid for the subscription.

What does PPV mean on OnlyFans? Here's how OnlyFans describes it. What does PPV mean on OnlyFans? Here's how OnlyFans describes it.

PPV content is different from what you regularly post to your timeline. It's more exclusive, so you instead sell it via DMs (or a tip menu.)

What is the best OnlyFans PPV strategy?

Before you decide how you want to approach PPV on OnlyFans, there are three fundamental business models you need to be aware of.

1. Free page with PPV

With a free page, you'll have an easier time building an audience since users don't have to pay anything to subscribe.

Once you've built up a decent following, you monetize your page by gradually adding paywalled content into the mix.

You use both PPV posts and messages to generate your income. You can (and eventually should) add a tip menu to your profile once you're ready to offer services like custom content and sexting.

Running a free page may not seem like a great idea at first. But it's a solid option for first-timers. It's incredibly beginner-friendly, making it an excellent option for creators who don't have an initial following on social media to piggyback off of.

This strategy is for you if:

  • You're new to the industry and want to test the waters before deciding what to do.
  • You're okay waiting longer before turning a profit.
  • You want to play the long game by building an audience first and monetizing your work later.

Remember that you can always shift gears and start a paid page later if you decide running a free page isn't for you.

OnlyFans allows creators to have both a free and a paid page simultaneously. Going with a free page at first offers you a lot of flexibility.

2. Paid page with PPV

A paid page with PPV allows you to enjoy both the monthly sub-revenue and additional PPV sales. Focusing on income through PPV means you'll be able to keep your monthly subscription fee relatively low.

Think of your subscription fee as a validation fee. When a user pays it, you know they're willing to spend money on you, and chatting with them in DMs will likely be worth your time.

Running a paid page requires you to put more effort into marketing and promotion, especially when starting out. But it also rewards you for that effort.

The good news is that you can use Reddit for self-promotion and automate it with Social Rise to avoid much of the grunt work involved.

This strategy is for you if:

  • You intend to do OnlyFans full-time and have it as your primary source of income.
  • You're treating OnlyFans as a business and looking to get the highest return possible.
  • You want to have multiple sources of income within OnlyFans and use all the monetization tools the platform offers.
  • You're willing to DM subs and converse with them to get them to buy PPV content from you.

Running a paid page with a heavy emphasis on PPV is what makes the most sense for most creators.

3. No PPV OnlyFans

When browsing OnlyFans, you'll sometimes come across some creators claiming to have a no PPV OnlyFans account.

So, what does no PPV mean here? When a creator says they have a no PPV OnlyFans, they simply mean to say that they won't try to sell their audience PPV content through DMs.

But why would a creator do that?

It's because subs on OnlyFans tend to dislike having their DMs blown up by generic and spammy messages asking them to buy more.

Unfortunately, excessive mass messaging is how many creators try to sell their content. Even more unfortunate is that spamming inboxes usually yields poor results anyway. It often just backfires and causes subs to run away.

Don't make this mistake if you intend to do PPV on OnlyFans.

But - back to the topic at hand - declaring no PPV on OnlyFans is essentially a tactic creators use to attract more subscribers. A selling point for their page, if you will.

From a subscriber's perspective, no PPV means access to all content - everything - via the creator's timeline. All subs have to do is pay the monthly subscription, which is usually higher. No extra payments necessary.

What does no PPV mean? You'll have access to all the creator's content right on their timeline. What does no PPV mean? You'll have access to all the creator's content right on their timeline.

As a creator, no PPV OnlyFans might initially sound tempting. You won't have to put extra effort into selling content, and your subscribers won't feel like you're gouging them for money, either. Win-win, right?

Unfortunately, not quite. Not selling PPV content really hurts your earning potential.

Consider this:

Most of the top creators make more money from PPV sales and tips than they do from their monthly sub income. And they do so despite having thousands of subs.

Many free page account holders generate their income solely through PPV sales, and they manage to do 5 figures a month and more.

Which is to say that PPV content is your best friend when it comes to making as much money as possible.

Here's what a creator in the top 0.06th percentile has to say on the matter:

An experienced creator's opinion on no PPV OnlyFans accounts. An experienced creator's opinion on no PPV OnlyFans accounts.

In case you're concerned, remember that you don't have to sell PPV in a way that's too salesy. You should instead take your leads through a personalized, interactive experience where you build a relationship with them and gradually turn them into routine buyers.

You'll learn how to do OnlyFans PPV the right way in this guide.

It's hard to recommend going with no PPV OnlyFans for creators doing this full-time.

However, that's not to say that this strategy is entirely useless. It certainly has its place in the industry. You should consider it if:

  • You're doing OnlyFans on the side and have another source of income.
  • You have very little time to invest in OnlyFans.
  • You prefer a stable income instead of one that varies from month to month.
  • You want minimal interaction via DMs.
  • You don't want to put extra effort into selling content. You prefer to keep everything in one place - on your timeline.

How to do PPV on OnlyFans

There are two ways you can sell PPV content on OnlyFans. The first is to create a paywalled post, and the second is to send a PPV message.

How to make a PPV post on OnlyFans

You can only make a PPV post on OnlyFans only if you have a free page. In fact, PPV posts are typically the major money-makers for free pages.

Here's how to make a PPV post on OnlyFans.

  • Login to your account and head to your creator dashboard.
  • Create a new post.
  • Input the amount of money that access to the post will cost. This value is set to free by default.
  • Add your attachments - Text, image, audio, or video. Make sure you add something to the preview as well.
  • Write an enticing caption to go along with your content.

And you're all done.

Remember that OnlyFans won't allow you to make a PPV post to your timeline if you have a paid page. Even if you're offering a free trial at the time.

How to price lock a post on OnlyFans? Well, you can't. Not unless you have a free page. How to price lock a post on OnlyFans? Well, you can't. Not unless you have a free page.

The idea is that nothing on your timeline should be behind a paywall since your subs are already paying you a monthly subscription for access. You can still sell PPV content via DMs. Let's cover that next.

How to send PPV messages on OnlyFans

You can send OnlyFans PPV messages to your fans individually by heading to their chat or in mass through your "Messages" page.

When sending a mass message, you can send to:

  • Your recent conversations.
  • All your fans.
  • Users you're following.

You can also include or exclude individual subs.

Set your price, attach your content, and use a message that's likely to get your recipients to buy.

All creators can utilize PPV messaging to increase their income, whether they have a free or paid page.

How to sell PPV on OnlyFans with previews

You should always be including previews with your OnlyFans PPV - no exceptions! Previews improve your conversion rate with no downside. There's really no reason not to use them.

How to do PPV on OnlyFans - always use previews for your PPV content. How to do PPV on OnlyFans - always use previews for your PPV content.

When posting a batch of images, use one or two as a preview. For video content, use a short clip from the video. Your previews should grab attention and tease your audience into wanting to see more.

Previews work so well because humans are unlikely to buy something online when they're even slightly unsure of what they're purchasing. They eliminate doubt and hesitation by letting your audience know what to expect.

You can apply this insight to your messages and captions as well. You'll see better results if you use more specific language and tell your audience exactly what they'll get after hitting purchase.

How to get more PPV sales on OnlyFans

Here's how you can improve your sales and make more money with PPV.

Use only your best content

You want your PPV content to be noticeably better than the content on your timeline.

This goes beyond just making sure that your PPV content is of high quality and production value - that's a given.

Your PPV content should be different and unique from your usual stuff. Most importantly, it needs to feel exclusive. Which means that your audience shouldn't be able to find content that's too similar anywhere else on your profile.

While your PPV content can simply be a more sexy, explicit, or extreme version of what you typically post to your timeline - you ideally want to switch things up entirely and do something you wouldn't usually do.

Promote your major releases

Ready to upload your biggest release of the year? Wait. You might just be leaving money on the table!

If you want to set yourself up for 5-figure months, you absolutely need to start promoting your major releases well in advance. A week or so of promotion is ideal.

Let your audience know to keep their eyes peeled because you'll be dropping something they'll want to see. Give them constant teasers, previews, and sneak peeks to build hype and anticipation.

Outside of OnlyFans, promote your PPV drop on your social media. Once the content is finally out, use short snippets of it to tease it on Reddit or Twitter.

If you browse around OnlyFans, you'll see the top creators promoting their upcoming releases all the time. And for good reason: it brings them a ton of sales.

Write effective copy

Good content will get you far, but you can give your sales figures a huge boost simply by sending it along with the right words.

Don't neglect your captions and messages - you need to use all the tools at your disposal. Go through our complete guide on OnlyFans captions to understand how to produce captions that complement and enhance your visual content.

For PPV content, your captions and messages should be concise, engaging, and specific. Mention clearly that the content inside has what your audience wants to see.

But how do you find out what your audience wants to see? You'll need to develop a good understanding of your audience and your niche.

This understanding comes with time, but you can expedite the process by interacting with your fans and conducting audience research.

Use polls to find out what your subscribers like. You can ask them what their favorite pose is, and just so happen to send a PPV including that pose later. But mix them with regular questions that just encourage engagement, so they don't catch on.

Reddit is also a great source for finding their preferences. Browse subreddits in your niche and see what posts do well and the kind of comments they attract.

Send personalized messages

You'll see better results if you send tailored and personalized messages to your subs instead of sending the same mass message to your entire audience.

Giving each subscriber personalized attention shouldn't take you much time when you're just starting out. It will help you convert more of them to PPV buyers and get them to stay around longer.

You don't want your subs to think that they're constantly being sold to. So, in between your PPV messages, interact with them without trying to sell them anything.

Sext, flirt, talk, and try to nurture a relationship - because wanting a personal connection is the main reason they're subscribed to you. Your sexting game needs to be on point.

By interacting with your fans this way, you can also identify how much your patrons are willing to spend - and which of them are willing to pay more. You want to prioritize the likes of your highest-paying clients when shooting content.

For creators with thousands of subscribers, messaging subs one-on-one becomes impractical. At that point, you would rely more on mass messaging or have someone help you out.

Be smart with your pricing

What's the ideal OnlyFans message price for PPV purposes?

You can get away with charging high rates for content that's truly unique within your niche. But for most of your offerings, you want to maintain competitive pricing and air on the side of affordability.

The goal is to make the most profit, of course - but high pricing from the get-go can kill your sales. You need to improve your content's perceived value first, which will happen as you grow your online personality.

How much to charge for PPV on OnlyFans is somewhat subjective. We recommend you start with some basic offers priced between $5 and $20. Work your way up from there.

It's a good idea to divide your PPV offerings into bundles and tiers.

Once a sub shows interest and buys PPV from you, they're much more likely to buy again. Try to upsell them the next time around. The goal is to get them to spend more with each purchase.

Tiering your offers helps you extract the most lifetime value from your subs.

Adjust your prices gradually, especially once you see what people are happy to pay for your content. And by all means, if you see a great response, jack up your prices.

Add a tip menu to your page

A tip menu lists all your offerings and services. Add one to your profile to allow your fans to place orders. List PPV content bundles and custom content on your tip menu, too.

We have several free tip menu templates for you to use. Simply choose one you like, customize it based on what you want to offer, and pin it to your timeline.

You can have a tip menu even if you're doing no PPV OnlyFans. Most users don't mind.

Use feedback and analytics

Something common among the top creators is that they're well aware of their strengths.

OnlyFans gives you access to a detailed analytics dashboard where you can track the performance of your posts and gather invaluable insights. Essentially, you can learn which of your content performs the best - and with feedback, you can deduce why.

Use these insights!

Use analytics and pair it with organic feedback from your audience to find out what your most popular and liked type of content is. Prioritize it when shooting for PPV, and milk it for all it's worth. Capitalize on your strengths!

Use Reddit to promote your PPV OnlyFans

The secret to success on OnlyFans lies in promotion. You could be doing everything right, but if you never get visitors to your page, you obviously won't see the results you want.

A very effective way to draw traffic to your OnlyFans is by promoting yourself on Reddit. All you have to do is take interesting snippets from your content and post them to the right subreddits. The top creators pull in dozens of subscribers with each post!

While the process is simple, you have to be consistent with it, and it does eat up your time.

The results sound good - but you're not too keen on the boring, manual labor?

Try Social Rise. It does most of the work for you! Use it to schedule posts weeks in advance and grow your subscriber count on autopilot.

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FAQs about OnlyFans PPV

What are PPV messages on OnlyFans?

PPV messages feature attached content that's locked behind a paywall. The recipient has to pay to view the attachments.

PPV messages are very lucrative, so learning to do them right is crucial for success. Most creators use mass messaging, but you can do better by tailoring your messages to individual subscribers.

Why can't I price lock on OnlyFans?

You likely have a paid page that charges a monthly subscription for access. OnlyFans does not allow you to post PPV content to paid pages, so you'll be unable to create a locked post.

You can, however, still use OnlyFans locked messages as a creator with a paid page.

OnlyFans PPV not sending to all subs?

Are your mass messages being sent to only some of your subs? There are two likely explanations. The first is that some of your subs have turned off DMs. The second is that you've blocked or restricted some of them.

Some creators also reported experiencing this issue, so if you feel the above explanations don't apply to your case, it might just be a bug on OnlyFans' end where mass messages are only sent out to a fraction of a creator's whole subscriber base.


To quickly summarize everything you learned:

  • What does PPV mean on OnlyFans? PPV stands for Pay Per View and refers to paywalled content you sell to your subs, typically via DMs.
  • What does no PPV mean? No Pay Per View OnlyFans is a strategy some creators use. It basically means the creator won't be selling any PPV content on their page or via DMs.
  • The best OnlyFans PPV strategy for you depends upon your goals. For maximum profit, go with a paid page with PPV.
  • How does OnlyFans PPV work? You can either create a locked post or send a message with locked attachments.
  • Use only your best content for PPV purposes, and write effective copy to get more sales.
  • Promote your major releases on your OnlyFans and social media like Reddit and Twitter.
  • Use feedback and analytics to find out which of your content is the most popular and sell it as PPV.
Thanks for reading!
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