How To Start a Chubby OnlyFans: Ultimate Beginner Guide

Doing OnlyFans as a chubby babe is scary. But there are many curvy girls making money on the platform, and you can too. Here's how to start, get your first subscribers, promote, and make money. These tips are what the top-performing chubby OnlyFans girls use to grow their accounts.
OnlyFans | June 25, 2024 | 10 min read
Learn how to start a chubby OnlyFans.
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Can chubby girls make money on OnlyFans?

The answer is YES, plus size girls can definitely make money on OnlyFans. In fact, there are already many successful chubby creators.

Over 200 million people are registered on OnlyFans, and all have different tastes. The platform has creators of all shapes, sizes, and styles.

Even though all these creators don't fit the ideal standard of beauty, they're able to make a good income from the site. You can do the same because there is a healthy market for big girls as well.

Men love thick OnlyFans girls because they're real.

Men love thick OnlyFans girls because they're real.

However, like many other niches on OnlyFans, the chubby niche is saturated. To stand out, you need to be confident, creative, and use effective marketing strategies.

Thankfully, we'll discuss how to do just that.

How much do chubby OnlyFans models make?

The average income of thick OnlyFans girls varies from one to another. It also changes from month to month, depending on how many people rebill, PPV sales, and so on.

That said, plus-size creators who are starting out can make between $150 and $1000 in their first couple of months. BBW creators who have been in the game for a long time can make between $4k and $10k per month. Some even more.

Beginners typically charge $3-5 for the monthly subscription, while experienced creators can ask for upwards of $20. You can charge whatever you want as long as you know you're worth the price. But as a newbie, it's better to start with a lower price and work your way up as you build experience.

There are other ways to make money on OnlyFans besides subscriptions. We'll discuss those later.

How to start a chubby OnlyFans

Choose your niche

Yes, "chubby" is already a niche on OnlyFans. However, it's too broad. You need to differentiate yourself further by narrowing down what you offer. When you pick a niche it'll be much easier to attract an audience.

BBW on OnlyFans who have a niche get loyal fans.

BBW on OnlyFans who have a niche get loyal fans.

For inspiration, here are the most Googled chubby niches:

Set up your account

Next, you should set up your account. The process is pretty straightforward:

  1. Sign up. Go to and click "Sign up for OnlyFans." Fill out the form, and you're good to go. You'll need to verify your email, so check your inbox for the verification message. If you don't find it in your regular inbox, check your spam.

  2. Come up with a username and a display name that's catchy and easy to remember.

  3. Add your profile and banner image.

  4. Write a bio that converts. Highlight the things you offer that few others do. For example, you're a plus-size creator who has sex with pastors. Something like that will intrigue people.

  5. Get verified.

  6. Add your bank details.

Batch-create content

Creating content in batches will save you time and effort. It also helps you stay consistent. And that's key on OnlyFans. The more consistent you are, the faster you'll grow.

Shooting all your content on a day when you're feeling confident is also much easier.

Ideally, you should have at least 30 photos ready. You can also make multiple 5-second videos. This way, you can post one every day for the next month.

If you lack confidence in filming or can't get in the mood, try buying the sexy lingerie you love. One that flatters your figure. You'll feel more confident when you feel sexy. Most curvy OnlyFans creators agree that SHEIN has great lingerie for plus-size women.

To get in the mood, play the music you love. Then, sit in front of your mirror and look at your body from different angles while you feel the music. Music has a way of lifting one's mood, and after some time, you'll feel excited to make content.

Then start experimenting with taking lots of pictures. You don't have to post them. You just need to see what makes you feel sexy and what positions bring out your best qualities. Once you figure this out, you can focus on making content using those poses.

Look at the pages of other plus-size creators like you and watch how they confidently carry themselves. This can boost your confidence, too.

Or, you can visit the websites of boudoir photographers. They take photos of regular plus-sized women who want nice teasy pictures to surprise their spouses. Copy their flattering poses.

Start Posting

As someone starting out with chubby OnlyFans, you need to create two different kinds of content.

The first is content for promotion on social media. This can range from sexy photos to short videos. You can post these on Reddit, TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter to attract fans. Make sure the photos and videos don't reveal everything. But they have to be intriguing enough to make fans want to subscribe.

You also need to create subscription content. Once people subscribe to your OnlyFans account, they need to see the content they've subscribed for. So ensure you have enough explicit content already on the page to give your subscribers their money's worth.

You can also make your account free and lock your content so fans pay to view it (PPV). However, fans who opt for a free account may be cheaper. It's better to have a paid account and post PPV occasionally.

How to run your OnlyFans account

The best plus size OnlyFans models keep their fans engaged by following these suggestions:

Show your personality

One way to do this is to talk about your hobbies. It'll draw fans who share your interests.

Create quality content

If your content is high-quality, subscribers will be impressed and tip you. They'll engage with your content and may even request customs. Your iPhone can take great videos, but you need to invest in quality light. Or use daylight when it's available.

Offer customs

Men particularly love chubby women to jiggle their fat. And some even ask creators to make jumping videos. These can make you a lot of money.

Be consistent

Show up to your social platforms and your OnlyFans profile everyday. People will see that you're active and will be more confident about following you.

Market yourself

OnlyFans is 20% content and 80% marketing. That's why it's crucial to promote yourself on as many social media sites as possible.

How to promote yourself as a BBW on OnlyFans (plus content ideas)

Social media already has rules for all creators. However, the rules are even more restrictive for thick girls on OnlyFans. First, you'll have to deal with a lot of body-shaming. Plus, you can't get away with all the stuff that slim creators do freely.

That's why this section is important. Pay close attention and learn how to navigate all these platforms. This is how to get tangible results when you market yourself.

On Reddit

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FAQs About Thick OnlyFans

How can I make money by men who like larger women?

Start an OnlyFans account and promote yourself as much as possible. In addition to the typical subscription fee, you can earn money from customs, messages, and tips.

Can I have a faceless BBW OnlyFans?

Yes, you can be a faceless BBW creator. But keep in mind that faceless accounts can be hard to grow. However, you can absolutely do it. Just follow this advice about making money from a faceless account.

Is there a market for plus size OnlyFans?

Absolutely. A lot of men have the hots for plus-size women. You just need to be creative and market yourself a lot.

Conclusion: big girl OnlyFans

This is a summary of everything we've covered in this guide.

Thanks for reading!

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