12 Best OnlyFans Subreddits: Get Subscribers on Easy Mode

Not sure where to post your content on Reddit? Or you've been posting for a while now but aren't seeing results? Keep reading - you'll learn about the 12 best subreddits for promoting OnlyFans, along with the single biggest mistake most creators make when choosing subreddits for promotion. By the end, you'll know exactly where to post - and how to get the most subs with each post.
OnlyFans|January 31, 2024|14 min read
Discover the best OnlyFans subreddits for effective promotion and common pitfalls to avoid.

How Reddit works

Reddit is made up of millions of smaller subreddits. These are forums centered around a niche topic.

Redditors frequently refer to subreddits as "subs" or "communities."

If you haven't already, we strongly recommend you go through our complete guide for promoting OnlyFans on Reddit to get the full picture.

You'll uncover how Reddit works and how you can use it to draw traffic from subreddits to OnlyFans.

What not to do

Here's what most creators do when they first start browsing for subreddits to promote on. They navigate to the search bar and search for subs related to OnlyFans.

They then see something like the following list of subreddits.

Creators new to Reddit promotion tend to flock to OnlyFans subreddits. Creators new to Reddit promotion tend to flock to OnlyFans subreddits.

And these communities are where they end up promoting themselves. Unfortunately, this is a mistake and just leads to a ton of wasted time and effort.

To be fair, this process is quite intuitive, and there's even plenty of online advice suggesting these communities for promotion.

The problem is that every other creator had the same idea and headed to the same "best OnlyFans subreddits" to promote themselves.

These communities are loaded with creators and promotional content. Regular Redditors don't hang out there because of the excessive promotion and creator-oriented environment. Creators end up promoting themselves only to other creators who obviously won't end up as subscribers.

A similar logic applies to subreddits that, at least on the surface, aren't related to OnlyFans or creators but openly allow and encourage self-promotion.

Because of the open promotion policy, they get flooded with promotional content and links, causing normal Redditors to leave. Again, the OnlyFans subreddit ends up in a state where it's mostly creators promoting to each other - with little to no meaningful traffic to be gained.

Some exceptions exist, of course. For example, you can get decent results if you get lucky on r/OnlyFans101 simply because the subreddit's sheer size of nearly 2 million members exposes you to such a large audience. But that's the exception to the rule.

The bottom line is that you generally want to avoid spending your time on subreddits that:

  • Have the word OnlyFans in their name or title.
  • Openly allow promotional content and links to OnlyFans in post titles.

Where to promote your OnlyFans

So, where should you actually promote yourself for quality traffic?

You're looking for NSFW subreddits that, ideally:

  1. Are centered around a topic or niche relevant to your OnlyFans content.
  2. Have a decent amount of activity. Activity and engagement matter far more than member count. Many subreddits, especially older ones, have high member counts but little activity to show for it. Larger subreddits are also more competitive, so it's harder to get visibility.
  3. Have verification, either optional or required. Subreddits that require verification maintain a higher standard for content. Getting verified is easy and helps you stand out among other posters.
  4. Don't allow open self-promotion and solicitation to check out links. We discussed why that's a problem earlier. Open promotion drives Redditors away.
  5. Do allow creators to have their OnlyFans link in their profile if they don't advertise it. Determining this can be tricky, as the community rules usually don't address this.

Most NSFW communities that ban self-promotion are okay with profile links if you don't actively solicit people to check out your profile.

A snippet from r/LegalTeens rules. It's a good example of an OnlyFans subreddit for promotion. A snippet from r/LegalTeens rules. It's a good example of an OnlyFans subreddit for promotion.

If it's unclear, you can sort the subreddit by "Top" and go through the profiles of top posters. If they have an OnlyFans link, you're likely good to go. If the link were a problem, they'd be banned already.

After reading this, you may think finding subreddits is tedious. And you'd be right, it can be. But you'll get a simple method for searching thousands of subreddits that already match the above criteria.

These communities have the audience you're looking for. You'll keep your OnlyFans link on your Reddit profile.

If your promotional content is good, interested Redditors will check out your profile and follow the link to your page themselves. You don't have to go around asking people to check out your link.

The 12 best subreddits for OnlyFans creators

With the above criteria in mind, we handpicked 12 of the best subreddits for OnlyFans promotion. These subreddits consistently produce great results, and you'll find many top creators discreetly promoting themselves here!

1. r/gonewild and related subreddits

With over 4 million members, r/gonewild is Reddit's largest NSFW community. It's one you should definitely check out when you get started on Reddit. It gives you a good idea of the kind of content Redditors find attractive.

Now, r/gonewild doesn't allow self-promotion. So you won't promote yourself here over the long run. But it's still worth posting here when you start out - before you add your OnlyFans link to your profile and start actively promoting.

With a bit of luck and only a few posts, you'll gather enough karma to unlock the ability to post on the rest of the platform.

Once you're ready to promote, check out all the other Gone Wild subreddits and select ones that are relevant to you.

Gone wild communities are some of the best Reddit pages to promote OnlyFans. Gone wild communities are some of the best Reddit pages to promote OnlyFans.

r/MasturbationGoneWild is where you want to post your solo play content. r/gonewildaudio is the place to be to show off your voiceover skills. It's also an option for creators looking to do this anonymously. For bust shots, take it to r/BigBoobsGW.

Unlike the main r/gonewild Subreddit, most niche gone wild communities are okay with sellers having OnlyFans links in their profiles.

2. r/Stacked

r/Stacked is quite simply a sub for girls with big boobs. It's one of the larger NSFW subs on Reddit, with 1.4 million members. The sub is for original content only, and you need to get verified to be able to post.

Sellers with profile links are allowed here. You can post once per day, which is good enough for promotional purposes, considering you want to spread out your content across multiple subreddits anyway.

You can add this subreddit to the 24-hour gap setting in Social Rise to ensure you don't accidentally post twice a day.

Use the 24-hour gap to never post more than once a day in a subreddit for OnlyFans with such a rule. Use the 24-hour gap to never post more than once a day in a subreddit for OnlyFans with such a rule.

If you're in the big boobs niche, consider posting your boobs shots here first and then reposting them to the smaller boob-focused communities after a while.

3. r/HomemadeNSFW

rHomemadeNSFW features amateur content of all types, including content from couples. This sub is ideal for those in the amateur, girl next door, guy next door niches. Despite the amateur nature of the content here, quality is still important.

Nudes and selfies are welcome, but there's a stronger emphasis on short videos and clips featuring more action.

4. r/FeetLoversHeaven

In the foot fetish niche? Check out r/FeetLoversHeaven.

With some 300k members, this community is smaller than the ones above but has an excellent audience of feet enthusiasts to promote yourself to.

The mod team is also more seller-friendly than most. You can promote yourself in the comments of your own posts.

5. r/SheFucksHim

r/SheFucksHim is a community tired of seeing the guy do all the work. It features video content where the girl takes the lead and does the pumping. The emphasis is on sex, but oral content is also welcome.

It has an optional verification. Consider getting verified if you intend to promote here long-term.

6. r/JustFriendsHavingFun

rJustFriendsHavingFun is where you'll find some of the best girl-on-girl action on Reddit. The community features lesbian couples. Or - as the name suggests - just some girlfriends having casual fun. Content showcasing men isn't allowed.

Promote yourself here if you're in the lesbian niche or cater to this audience.

7. r/cosplaygirls

Cosplaying as popular characters not only makes for great OnlyFans PPV content but can also get you a lot of eyes on social media.

r/cosplaygirls is the largest subreddit for female cosplayers, with 1.4 million members. SFW and NSFW - both are allowed.

This is one of the best Reddit pages to promote OnlyFans for those in the gaming and anime niches. But really - you can do cosplay no matter what your niche is. It diversifies your content and adds personality to your image.

Similar subs include:

In addition to r/cosplaygirls, post to communities related to your character, game, or series. Most will allow it as long as your cosplay isn't too explicit.

8. r/LegalTeens

r/LegalTeens is the best subreddit to promote OnlyFans for creators in the barely legal, just turned 18 niche. With 3.1 million members and an active user base, you'll find no shortage of Redditors interested in your content.

This sub has a strict set of rules and requires verification. Make sure you go through the rules and understand them before posting. There's also an unknown karma requirement to post, so you might not be able to get started here right away.

But when you do, you can see exceptional results. Posts on the hot page consistently break a thousand upvotes and get dozens of comments, which means the traffic you get from this subreddit is high-quality and more easily converted to OnlyFans subs.

Similar subreddits to try are:

9. r/milf

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have r/milf. This is the top subreddit for mature women, with 2.5 million members.

Verification is required, and younger women aren't allowed to post here. Make sure you look the part before promoting yourself as a milf on this sub.

As for similar subreddits, check out:

10. r/tiktoknsfw

r/TikTokNSFW is less about TikTok and more about the NSFW. It's essentially NSFW content but done in the TikTok short-form fashion.

Go over our full guide on OnlyFans TikTok promotion to learn more about this content style and how to do it right.

If you do TikTok promotion already, simply do the same thing here without holding back on the nudity. Do your favorite dances and trends and replicate your best TikTok content, only this time with the liberty of being topless.

11. r/HappyEmbarrassedGirls

r/HappyEmbarrasedGirls is exactly what it says on the label. Girls caught in awkward and silly situations.

The community rules require you to show your face for this sub and be visibly flustered or embarrassed - but really, you'll be okay as long as you have a nice smile and a pleasant expression.

Exhibitionism, being naked in public view, flashing, and nude beach content are all recurring themes among the top posts. Try out some of these ideas.

This is also a great sub to post your bloopers and awkward behind-the-scenes moments. Your posts don't have to feature you naked.

12. r/onlyfansadvice

We're including r/onlyfansadvice as a bit of a wildcard here. It's not somewhere you can promote yourself, and yet it's still arguably the best subreddit for OnlyFans creators, all things considered.

This community consists of newbie and veteran OnlyFans creators. The advice you'll find here is invaluable.

You can get insights from top creators, learn how they do business, and understand what strategies work. You can get answers to very specific problems and support from other creators on the same journey.

In a similar vein, we also recommend you check out r/CreatorsAdvice and r/OnlyFansReviews. The former for education, and the latter to look at things from your subs' perspective and understand what they want most.

Use this information to tailor your offerings to make them more attractive to your target audience.

How to find the best OnlyFans subreddits for your niche

We've gone over 12 of the best OnlyFans communities for promotion. But as you can probably tell, not all of these communities are a perfect match for you and your content.

The reality is that no one list of promotional subreddits is objectively the best for all creators. Ideal subreddits vary dramatically from creator to creator.

So, what are the best subreddits for you? It comes down to your niche and content. Keep reading to learn how to identify them.

Identify your niche

Identifying your niche is the first step. You likely have a vague idea of what it is already, but you need to narrow this idea down into something more specific.

An easy way to do this is with pen and paper. Write down every one of your qualities that comes to mind.


  • Body type (skinny, tall, athletic, etc.)
  • Body features (small ass, big boobs, flat stomach, etc.)
  • Style (emo, sporty, alt dressing, etc.)
  • Unique qualities (haircut, tattoos, glasses, etc.)
  • Fetishes (feet, furry, age play, etc.)
  • Age (teen, milf, barely legal, etc.)
  • Interests (gaming, anime, fitness, cosplaying, etc.)

Now, search for these terms on Reddit.

Finding a subreddit to promote OnlyFans in the petite niche. Finding a subreddit to promote OnlyFans in the petite niche.

You now have several potential subs for promotion. This is a good first step, but you're not done.

Remember the 5-point criteria we discussed earlier in this guide? You're looking for subreddits that are:

  1. Relevant to you.
  2. Active.
  3. Offer or require verification.
  4. And disallow open promotion.
  5. But do allow profile links.

You need to visit each subreddit and look at its environment and rules to determine whether it's fit for promotion.

That's the organic way to find subs. But here's a shortcut.

Use our List of NSFW Subreddits with over 15,000 subreddits. You can search in different parts of the subreddit, look for multiple terms at once, and exclude words. Filters let you narrow down the results to exactly the subreddits you're looking for.

Finding subreddits for OnlyFans that fit the criteria from the article and are about asses. Finding subreddits for OnlyFans that fit the criteria from the article and are about asses.

And the best part? All the data mentioned in this article, like verification requirements, is already there, saving you hours of boring work.

Find out where other creators promote

The next step involves working in reverse. Instead of discovering ideal subreddits yourself, you can simply promote where the top creators are promoting. They're so big for a reason and wouldn't promote in subreddits that don't bring results.

By now, you've identified a few subreddits you can promote yourself in. Head to any subreddit in your niche, ideally one that's larger. If it's a smaller community, sort your feed by the Top posts for the month.

Now, hover over the usernames of the top posters. If you're on mobile, tap the username. This will show you a snippet of their karma count.

You're looking for creators that have at least 50,000 karma. The more, the better. High karma indicates the creator knows what they're doing.

This creator has 3.4m Karma, so it's worth checking out their profile to see their subreddits for promoting OnlyFans. This creator has 3.4m Karma, so it's worth checking out their profile to see their subreddits for promoting OnlyFans.

Visit the creator's profile and sort by top posts of all time. You'll see the subreddits that produced the best results for them.

Alternatively, use Reddit User Analyzer for a detailed breakdown of their activity by subreddit.

And simply copy their top-performing subreddits!

Find related subreddits

Need even more ideas? Use our Subreddit Analysis tool for some free OnlyFans subreddit ideas.

Here's how it works:

  • Enter a subreddit. Let's use r/cosplaygirls for this example.
  • Scroll down to the "Related Subreddits" section.
  • Filter by "Users". You can filter by keywords for a second batch of ideas, but filtering by users is the preferred method for our purposes.

Use Subreddit Analysis to find subreddits related to your best OnlyFans subreddit. Use Subreddit Analysis to find subreddits related to your best OnlyFans subreddit.

The tool shows you related subreddits based on user overlap.

The analysis for r/cosplaygirls shows us that members of this community like to hang out at r/RealAhegao and r/EGirls, among other subs.

With this knowledge, sometime after your post in r/cosplaygirls, you can repost the same image to both subreddits and get extra value from your content.

Now, this was just one example. If you're doing Reddit promotion effectively, you'll post each image or video to multiple subreddits, with each post spaced across a few days to avoid spam.

This promotion strategy will bring you excellent results with minimal content, but it can also take up a lot of time. Manually posting on Reddit for hours every week gets boring really fast.

But it doesn't have to be tedious and dull. You can automate the whole process and bring in subs on autopilot while you sit back and relax!

Use Social Rise to schedule your posts. Create them weeks in advance with just a few clicks, and enjoy the rest of the time off while watching the subs from Reddit roll in!

It also lets you post at the best times, which is a major factor for visibility. No more getting up at 4 am to catch that ideal post window for your favorite subreddit.

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FAQs about the best Reddit subs to promote OnlyFans

Can you promote OnlyFans on NSFW subreddits?

Each subreddit's moderator team decides its rules.

Some NSFW subreddits openly allow promotion, but you usually want to avoid these communities because you won't find quality traffic there.

Most subreddits don't allow blatant promotion, but they won't have a problem with you linking to your OnlyFans on your profile as long as you don't advertise yourself in the comments. This allows you to still get a lot of traffic naturally from interested Redditors.

Some subreddits disallow posts from adult content creators outright. They make it clear in their rules. You can avoid them by selecting all Promotion filters except Forbidden in the mentioned list.

What are the best subreddits to advertise OnlyFans?

The best subreddits for promotional purposes vary from creator to creator. The best ones for you depend on your niche. An easy way to identify subreddits likely to bring you good results is by finding out where the top creators in your niche are active.

What are the best subreddits for OnlyFans creators?

The best communities for creators are r/onlyfansadvice and r/CreatorsAdvice. They contain helpful information on virtually every aspect of the adult industry.

Conclusion: The best Reddit communities to promote OnlyFans

To summarize what you learned:

  • Reddit is made up of smaller subreddits. They're also called subs or communities.
  • Don't promote on subreddits that have to do with OnlyFans. Also, avoid subs that encourage self-promotion. You won't find quality traffic in these communities.
  • The best subs for promotion are relevant to your niche, are active, have verification, and don't allow promotion from sellers. But they do allow profile links.
  • The best OnlyFans on Reddit communities are r/onlyfansadvice and r/CreatorsAdvice. Use r/gonewild to collect karma before you start promoting. You'll need it to post in many subs.
  • What are the best subreddits to promote OnlyFans for you? To find out, start by narrowing down your niche and searching for related subreddits.
  • You can also simply copy the top creators. Look for high-karma accounts with an OnlyFans link, and see where they post.
  • Find related subreddits with Subreddit Analysis. You can repost content in subreddits that have significant user overlap and similar themes. Just wait some time before reposting so you don't get flagged for spam.
  • Use Social Rise to automate the entire process. Schedule posts across similar subreddits at the best time. You get massive results with very little effort required!
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