OnlyFans Header Image: Size, Ideas, and 3 Free Templates

The perfect cover image boosts your profile's appeal and attracts more subscribers. But if you do it wrong, you'll turn away visitors and hurt your growth. Get it right with these tips and creative OnlyFans header image ideas. Learn the dimensions and rules to ensure your header image stands out and complies with the guidelines. Or just edit a template you like.
OnlyFans | July 01, 2024 | 9 min read
Learn how to make the perfect OnlyFans header image.
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Header image for OnlyFans 101: what you should know

Your header image is the large image behind your profile picture on OnlyFans. It's also called a banner or a header photo, and it's the first thing people see when they visit your profile.

If you're just starting OnlyFans, you must upload your banner image when setting up your profile. And just like your profile picture, this image gives users a first impression of what you offer. That's why it can make or break your success.

If visitors find your banner image uninteresting, they won't bother subscribing. So, you must nail it to keep getting fans.

That said, finding a picture that fits perfectly can be tricky. We've explained everything in detail here, like the right dimensions, size, file format, and more. There are also examples of top-performing header images and free templates.

Why are OnlyFans header images important?

Your OnlyFans header image is crucial for standing out and getting subscriptions. Here's why:

OnlyFans Header Specifications

Let's explore the specifications and dimensions of a top-performing banner.

OnlyFans banner dimensions and size

OnlyFans changed their banner sizes a few times, which has confused many users. Another confusing aspect of cover photos is desktop vs. mobile dimensions. So, what exactly is the correct size to use?

The banner is shown in the size of 599 x 180 pixels on the desktop. An image so small looks blurry, so use a bigger one with the same aspect ratio. None or very little of your image will be cut off if you use one of these sizes or something as close as possible:

But most people access OnlyFans from their phone. You're only required to upload one banner image, which needs to fit all devices.

The desktop banner size won't work on the phone due to the smaller screen. It automatically resizes to 390 x 180 pixels when viewed on mobile.

To account for this, ensure the important parts of your banner are placed in the middle 60% of the image. Keep the edges for unimportant background.

Here's an example for a banner in the size of 1797 x 540 pixels:

Avoid getting important content cut off in your OnlyFans cover photo.

Avoid getting important content cut off in your OnlyFans cover photo.

File type

If you want a sharp, vibrant cover image, choose the right file type. OnlyFans recommends using JPEG or PNG.

The image must be high-resolution. Even if they're in the right format, low-resolution images will appear blurry when you upload them. Keep the file size under 2 MB. This way, your cover image won't be so large that it takes forever to load.

If your file size is too large, use an image compressor to reduce it, but ensure the image quality remains high.

Aspect ratio

Your aspect ratio or width-to-height ratio also differs for desktop and mobile screens. Aim for a wide landscape orientation with a ratio of 3:1.

Landscape or portrait

Landscape or horizontal pictures work best for headers. They are wide and fit well with the horizontal layout of the header space.

Portrait or vertical-style images can also work if you use them in a collage style. Collage headers let you showcase multiple images, giving a fuller picture of your page. Just glue together 3 or 4 vertical photos side by side. Viewers will see different photos of you, and your header will be more engaging.

Text and graphics

Most creators don't bother adding text to their OnlyFans header images. The reason is that OnlyFans overlays your username and profile picture and crops the cover image automatically. When this is done, it's hard to keep all the text visible.

However, adding text to your OnlyFans banner can be good if you do it right. Adding a bold text of your username on your header can help fans remember you. Use bright or contrasting colors. This will make it stand out.

You can also add a call to action that encourages visitors to subscribe now. But only do this if it doesn't clutter the header. Make sure the text has enough room to shine and won't be cut off after all the resizing.

Keep the most important elements of your header in the center. This way, nothing important will get cropped or covered.

OnlyFans cover photo rules

Now you know what specifications OnlyFans accepts for banner images. But before setting it up, there are a few rules to keep in mind:

Updating your OnlyFans header image

Refresh your banner monthly or quarterly to keep your page interesting to returning visitors. Here's how to do that strategically:

Align with Content changes

Update your banner when you offer new content. It will alert your regulars to expect fresh content.

Sync with marketing efforts

Are you about to start a major promotion on Reddit or other social platforms? Change your banner. A temporary banner that ties into these promotions or special offers can increase your marketing impact.

You can use text to showcase your offer, like "50% off today" or "free dick rating."

Use Social Rise to schedule posts and automate your promotion process. This will automatically drive traffic to your profile where they'll see your optimized banner and subscribe.

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Follow trends

Use banners that reflect current trends or events relevant to your audience. Trend-based banners can boost engagement and subscriptions, provided they stay true to your brand.

Seasonal themes

Update your banner for holidays like Valentine's Day, Halloween, or Christmas. Festive banners show your personality and engage fans in seasonal celebrations.

Celebrate Milestones

Mark follower milestones with special banners. This celebrates your growth and keeps long-term fans engaged and appreciated.


When rebranding your OnlyFans channel, update your banner to match your new look. Ensure the banner reflects your new brand image, colors, and messaging.

Don't overdo it

While regular updates are good, changing banners too often can confuse followers. Aim for updates every 2-3 months unless tied to specific offers.

Test and Optimize

Experiment with different banner styles and update frequencies to find what works best for your brand. Analyze performance to fine-tune your approach.

OnlyFans cover photo ideas

Here are some cover photo ideas to inspire you.


This OnlyFans header image clearly shows that the creator is in the fitness niche.

This OnlyFans header image clearly shows that the creator is in the fitness niche.

This banner is great because you can easily tell the creator's niche. She strategically took a picture of herself in the gym wearing fitness clothes. This way, everyone who sees it knows she's a fitness model. She's also in the center of the frame, so no matter the crop, her picture won't lose any important detail.


A great OnlyFans banner example for faceless profiles.

A great OnlyFans banner example for faceless profiles.

If you're looking for OnlyFans cover photo ideas that'll help you make money as a faceless channel, this is it. Her pose catches attention. She made her ass the focal point in a way that people won't be bothered that her face isn't showing. Learn how to do similar poses for OnlyFans here.


The OnlyFans banner size can accommodate text.

The OnlyFans banner size can accommodate text.

You can't go wrong by adding a call to action to your header. It will make people more likely to follow. Make sure the text is clear and uncrowded.


The collage-style header is one of the OnlyFans cover photo ideas that works well for any profile

The collage-style header is one of the OnlyFans cover photo ideas that works well for any profile

If you want to showcase different angles of your body, try a collage-style header. Use apps like Canva or Photoshop to achieve this.

OnlyFans banner templates

Here are templates you can use to save time and ensure your banner looks professional:

Click here to edit them. Then click File in the top left and Make a copy. Now you have the templates in your own Canva profile.

Simply drop your image(s) in the frames and download the image.

FAQ about OnlyFans banner size

Can I use stock images for my OnlyFans cover image?

Yes, you can use a stock image, but it must be free of copyright restrictions and fit your niche. We advise that you use a picture of yourself. This gives fans a true representation of what you offer, ensuring they aren't disappointed after subscribing.

Can I use a video as my banner?

No, you can't use a video. OnlyFans banners only support images with graphics and text.

How often should I change my header image?

We recommend changing your header every 2-3 months. You can also change it when rebranding, switching niches, or starting a special offer.

How do I make my OnlyFans banner fit?

You make it fit by using the correct image dimensions. The best dimensions for OnlyFans banners are 1797 x 540 pixels with 313 pixels of background on both sides that gets cut off on mobile.

What is the Fansly banner size?

1168 x 204 pixels or anything with the aspect ratio 5.7 is the right Fansly banner size. Pair this with PNG or JPEG file format and your banner will look sharp.

What should I add to my OnlyFans headers?

Your banner should include a clear picture of yourself and a solid call to action. There are multiple styles you can use to achieve this, like a collage.

Conclusion: OnlyFans thumbnail

Here's everything you learned in a nutshell:

Thanks for reading!

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