Complete OnlyFans Equipment Guide (With Free Starter Pack)

Have content ideas but feel like you're missing the right gear? Discover all the equipment needed for OnlyFans, including essentials like cameras and lighting, nice-to-haves like props, and some extras. You'll know exactly what you need on your shopping list for the perfect setup. You'll also get a free digital OnlyFans starter kit to help you start off strong and get fast results.
OnlyFans|April 21, 2024|7 min read
Discover the essential OnlyFans equipment for your success.

OnlyFans Essentials

These help you produce quality content, which is the foundation for your success on OnlyFans. Top creators have most of this equipment in their setup, if not all.


Most creators start their journey with nothing but a smartphone.

You can use your smartphone to:

  • Shoot and produce content, including selfies, images, videos, and audio recordings.
  • Manage your OnlyFans account and upload content to your wall.
  • Promote yourself on social media like Reddit and TikTok.

While many of these activities are easier out on a computer, a smartphone can get the job done too.

Any modern smartphone released within the last few years will likely have the tools and specs you need to run your OnlyFans. So in most cases, you can just use your existing phone.

But if you're buying a smartphone for OnlyFans specifically, you want to look out for the following features:

  • Good front and back cameras to shoot high-quality content.
  • AI image stabilization so shooting content is easy.
  • A fast processor so you can get things done faster.
  • Plenty of storage space to store your high-resolution images and videos.

Consider one of the latest iPhones, such as the iPhone 14, iPhone 15, and the advanced variants. If you don't care for flagship features and just want camera quality, consider going with a Google Pixel.

Digital camera

To take your content quality to the next level, you'll eventually want to swap out your smartphone with a digital camera. Go with the Nikon D3500 if you're on a budget. It performs noticeably better than smartphones, and its easy-to-use design makes it perfect for beginners.

See our complete guide on cameras for OnlyFans to learn more about the best options for each budget.


A tripod will help you set up and capture shots you wouldn't otherwise be able to take. It's a must-have if you're doing OnlyFans as a solo model and don't have someone to hold the camera for you.

Using a tripod eliminates shakiness and blur for more stable shots.

Full-sized tripods extend all the way up to 5 feet in height but tend to be pricey.

If you're just starting out, going with a mini tripod might be the better option. You get the same benefits in image stabilization, just without the height. You can put it on a drawer or a table to achieve the same effect.

Consider something like the Manfrotto PIXI Mini.

Build out your OnlyFans essentials with a mini tripod. Build out your OnlyFans essentials with a mini tripod.

A gimbal can also be a suitable alternative if you often find yourself on the move or like the selfie angle.

Ring light

Lighting can singlehandedly make or break your shots, and the reality is that most creators' bedrooms simply aren't light enough for ideal photography.

Ring lights remove shadows, make your images clearer, and give them a more professional look. They're relatively affordable - you can pick up high-quality OnlyFans lights for around $100.

Given the massive impact and low cost, spending on a ring light is arguably the best investment new OnlyFans creators can make.

Ring lights are a must have in your OnlyFans starter kit. Ring lights are a must have in your OnlyFans starter kit.

The best ring light for content creators is the Neewer 18" Ring Light. The 18" size and 55W output provides plenty of lighting for photos and videos.

The color temperature is fixed at 5500K or pure white. But you can turn it down to 3200K with a filter included in the kit for a warmer touch. The kit also includes a light stand, phone clip, and Bluetooth remote control, so you have everything you need to get started.

The Neewer 18 inch kit is our choice for the best ring light for content creators. The Neewer 18" kit is our choice for the best ring light for content creators.

The ability to adjust the color temperature would have been nice, but despite that, this ring light offers excellent performance at its price point.


Your phone/camera's built-in camera can't capture high-quality audio from afar. You may not need an external microphone initially, but as you try out more types of content, like long videos, sex tapes, audio recordings, livestreams, behind-the-scenes content, and ASMR, it will come in handy.

Don't underestimate the importance of good audio. It goes hand in hand with video to provide your subscribers with an enjoyable and intimate experience. Crisp audio is especially important if you want to sell PPV videos - you want to ensure top-tier quality so you get repeat buyers.

Shotgun mics tend to be the most versatile option here. They pick up audio from the direction they're facing and have good range, so you can simply attach them to your camera and start shooting.

Build the best OnlyFans setup

Once you have the essentials, you can shift your attention to these upgrades to keep improving as a creator and delivering more value to your subscribers.

Props and decor

Keeping the content on your timeline interesting and varied can be a struggle. There are only so many poses to hit, and after a while of consistent uploading, it's easy to feel like you're running out of ideas.

One way to mix things up is with props and decor. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Sex toys
  • Lingerie and undergarments
  • Handcuffs and other bondage equipment
  • Soft, dim lighting
  • Candles
  • Pillows and bedsheets
  • Books and artwork

If you browse through content from top creators, you'll notice that they put a lot of effort into their backgrounds and setups. Some even go as far as renting out studios for professional photoshooting sessions.

Outfits and cosplays

Like decor, outfits are another way to introduce variety into your content. Cosplays are another idea that can be very profitable.

You can use cosplays to attract users from niche communities. After they subscribe to you, upsell them PPV or custom content featuring the cosplay.

Tools and software

You should use editing tools to give your content some polish before posting it to OnlyFans. There are basic tools you can use for free, like Canva, but you'll have to pay to access the best features.

Another worthy investment is a post-scheduler. To get subs in a consistent and predictable way, you need to spend time and effort on promotion, and the best platform for self-promotion as an OnlyFans creator is Reddit.

But this can be very time-consuming. And for most creators, having to upload dozens of posts manually every day - often in the middle of the night for better results - isn't the most exciting part of running their business.

That's where a tool like Social Rise can help out. You can automate this entire process and more to save hours of your time.

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Digital OnlyFans starter kit

Haven't started your OnlyFans yet and want to hit the ground running? Or just starting out and not sure what to do next?

Here's a comprehensive digital OnlyFans starter pack with all the resources you need to start strong.

  1. A-Z guide on starting an OnlyFans, including account and profile setup.
  2. Come up with a catchy name.
  3. Get verified successfully on the first try.
  4. Write a bio that converts visitors into subscribers, with examples.
  5. Best strategies for starting without followers and getting subs fast.
  6. Find out what kind of content to post to your page.
  7. Learn the tips and tricks for poses that really turn on your fans.
  8. Get captions for your posts with a free generator.
  9. Write a welcome message that leaves the right first impression.
  10. Promote on Reddit for easy subs.

How to get OnlyFans equipment for free

There's a clever technique the top creators use to get pricy OnlyFans gear for free, and you can do the same.

You'll create an Amazon wishlist and include the equipment you need for OnlyFans. Once your list is ready, let your subscribers know about it.

Mention the wishlist on your tip menu and in a pinned post as well.

Your subs will be able to check out your wishlist and buy you the featured items.

But of course, you'll have to give them incentives. Let your subs know that buying you something from the wishlist translates into better content on the timeline. Offer bonuses like unique content, VIP treatment, or sexting.

FAQs about the best equipment for OnlyFans

What equipment do I need for OnlyFans?

You can use a smartphone to record and upload content, but you'll eventually want to gear up to improve your content. A ring light, tripod stand, external mic, and digital camera should be your first purchases.

What is the best ring light for OnlyFans creators?

The best ring light for content creators on OnlyFans is the Neewer 18" Ring Light. It provides you with plenty of white light at an affordable price - anything more would be a bit overkill for most creators.

Conclusion: OnlyFans Equipment

Here's a quick summary of what you learned in this guide:

  • You can start OnlyFans with a smartphone.
  • OnlyFans essentials include a digital camera to shoot and record content, a tripod stand for stable shots, a ring light for clarity and quality, and an external mic for audio.
  • OnlyFans lighting is especially important. The best OnlyFans ring light is the Neewer 18" Ring Light.
  • Once you have the essentials, consider investing in props and decor, outfits and cosplays, and tools and equipment to keep growing and improving.
  • Use our digital OnlyFans starter kit to get ahead of the competition. You'll find resources on every aspect of running a successful OnlyFans.
  • You can allow your subs to buy you the OnlyFans equipment you need by creating an Amazon wishlist and attaching it to your bio.
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