Average Male OnlyFans Income - How Much Can You Earn?

Knowing the average male OnlyFans income can help you judge the profitability of this business for yourself. But things are a bit more complicated than that. You'll learn what the average male OnlyFans income is, what the top male OnlyFans earnings look like, and many other insightful statistics. By the end, you'll know exactly how much you can expect to make if you start your own page.
OnlyFans|October 11, 2023|6 min read
Learn what the average male OnlyFans income is and how much you could make.

How much do men make on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans doesn't release detailed information about its creators, but we have a very accurate estimate of the average male income on OnlyFans.

The average income for male OnlyFans accounts lies between $150 and $180 a month. This statistic is based on the fact that the average page has 21 subscribers, and the average monthly subscription cost is $7.21.

$150 a month is pretty low as it is. Unfortunately, you're left with even less once you account for OnlyFans' 20% cut and income taxes.

How much can a guy make on OnlyFans? According to a community poll, the average is reported to be between $0 and $500. How much can a guy make on OnlyFans? According to a community poll, the average is reported to be between $0 and $500.

Now, learning about the average male OnlyFans income might have left you feeling a bit underwhelmed.

After all, it's very common to hear stories of models and stars - both male and female - making more money overnight than most people make in a year. All over social media, people consider OnlyFans content creation a gold mine.

How come the average male OnlyFans income comes out to just $150 a month, then?

Do guys do well on OnlyFans?

If the average male earnings on OnlyFans seem disappointing, here's why.

While the reported average of $150 is reasonably accurate, it is a laughably poor indicator of how much you can actually make on OnlyFans. Especially if you know what you're doing.

You see, the average male OnlyFans income is brought down substantially by:

  • New creators who jump in and create a page without really knowing what to do next.
  • Fresh or blank accounts without any content or subscribers.
  • Creators who abandon their accounts after not seeing quick initial success. It generally takes a few weeks to get everything rolling and start seeing returns on your time and effort.
  • Creators who fail to monetize their content properly. There are so many more ways to make money on OnlyFans than revenue from monthly subscriptions.
  • Creators who fail to promote themselves and draw traffic to their page. This is perhaps the most impactful blunder male creators make. Promoting OnlyFans on Reddit is an effective way of acquiring new subs.
  • Creators who run free pages but derive their income from other sources (not from monthly subs). This is a very viable strategy to start if you can afford to delay profitability and grow your profile first.

As you can hopefully imagine by now, the $150 monthly average falls far short of what a male creator could realistically earn if they started off right and knew what they were doing.

If you're an average-looking guy who can produce good content, target the right audience, and promote himself on social media, you can easily make upwards of $1000 a month. And that too only within a few months of starting.

If you're naturally attractive and manage to get your content out in front of an audience effectively, you'll find no difficulty climbing up to the top 10% and beyond - and that's where all the money is.

The top male OnlyFans creators make tens of thousands of dollars a month. Keep in mind: that's only the monthly income from their subs. They make a lot more through ways that aren't immediately obvious.

If you're going to start a page with the intention of turning a profit, your goal should be to rank among the top male creators on OnlyFans eventually.

We teach you everything you need to know in our guide on making money on OnlyFans as a guy.

You'll learn insider tips and strategies used by the top earning male OnlyFans creators. It's your shortcut to becoming a part of the top 1%.

Top male OnlyFans earnings - what do the top creators make?

As you would expect, OnlyFans remains dominated by females. That said, OnlyFans as a man clearly has potential and can be very lucrative for those able to make it to the top.

Here are some additional male OnlyFans statistics.

  • The top 1% of creators make 33% of all money.
  • The top 10% of creators make 73% of all money.

The question that follows logically is: What percent of OnlyFans creators are male?

  • The latest reports suggest that 20% of all creators on OnlyFans are male.
  • Of the top 1% of creators, roughly 30% are males. This statistic is particularly interesting. It suggests that if you're willing to put in the work, then even as a man, you can compete with and surpass female creators.
  • Of the top 10 creators, 2 are males. Of the top 15 creators, 3 are males. Most of these males are celebrities, however - not male models with organically grown audiences.

Top male OnlyFans earnings - Tyga made almost $8 million on OnlyFans. Top male OnlyFans earnings - Tyga made almost $8 million on OnlyFans.

American rapper Tyga, for example, is estimated to have made just under $8 million from OnlyFans until he deleted his account in 2021. Despite having deleted his page over 2 years ago, he still holds the record for the top male OnlyFans earnings.

Notice that the above stats shed some more light on why the average male OnlyFans salary seems so low.

Virtually all the money on the platform is being made by the top 10 to 20% of creators. The 50th percentile - the average - is getting a very small piece of a huge pie.

FAQs about the average male OnlyFans income

How much does the average male make on OnlyFans?

The average income for male OnlyFans creators is $150 to $180. It must be said, though, that this average greatly underrepresents the amount of money a guy can make on OnlyFans if he sets his mind to it.

Most of the money is made by the top 10 to 20% of creators, and it's very easy to climb up to that level with consistent content production and social media promotion. Once you're there, you'll not only have a decent income but also find it much easier to make further gains.

How much do gay men make on OnlyFans?

Exactly how much do gay men make on OnlyFans? Unfortunately, there are no relevant male OnlyFans statistics here that allow us to say for sure.

However, if you're active in the creator community, you'll often hear that gay men have an easier time on OnlyFans than straight men. There is some truth to this claim because a large part of male OnlyFans traffic consists of gay men.

Whether straight or gay, men will have a larger audience by producing content that appeals to gay men. And that can translate to a greater male OnlyFans revenue.

Conclusion: How much can a guy make on OnlyFans?

To sum everything up:

  • How much do men make on OnlyFans? On average, $150 to $180 a month in gross revenue. After OnlyFans' cut and taxes, it's just under $150 for the average male creator.
  • The average male OnlyFans income is brought down considerably by new pages and poor management by inexperienced creators.
  • Do guys do well on OnlyFans? The ones that start out after having read up on the fundamentals (which we covered comprehensively in our guide on starting an OnlyFans) tend to do very well.
  • Males who know what they're doing can realistically break the $1000 per month milestone in as little as a few months of starting out from scratch.
  • The top male OnlyFans creators make the most money. The top 1% makes 33% of all income. Mathematically, this is more extreme than even the very famous 80-20 rule.
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