OnlyFans Restricted Words: 206 Banned Words and Checker

OnlyFans prevents you from using restricted words but doesn't tell you what those words are. You're forced to guess, causing confusion and wasted time. Here you'll find a complete list of OnlyFans banned words, along with a handy tool that points out restricted words in your pasted text. You'll also learn how to stay safe and use stronger language while avoiding account penalties.
OnlyFans|March 7, 2024|5 min read
View the full list of OnlyFans restricted words and easily scan your text with a checker.

What are restricted words on OnlyFans?

There are certain words OnlyFans won't let you use in your name, bio, and messages - really anywhere on the platform.

Many of these restricted words are banned for obvious reasons. The restrictions protect your online safety, and you wouldn't typically use these words in a conversation anyway.

The problem is that some of the restricted words are milder, and you could easily use them while sexting with your subs in DMs without thinking too much of it. But they could get you in trouble, so you have to be careful to avoid them.

Complete list of words banned on OnlyFans

OnlyFans hasn't made a list of restricted words publicly available, but they're quick to penalize creators who use them.

We wrote a script that checks every English word to come up with the most comprehensive and complete OnlyFans banned words list out there.

Go through the list to ensure you know what not to say and keep your account safe.

  1. Abduction
  2. Abduct
  3. Abducting
  4. Abducted
  5. Animal
  6. Asphyxia
  7. Asphyxication
  8. Asphyxiation
  9. Asphyxiated
  10. Asphyxiate
  11. Asphyxiating
  12. Ballbusting
  13. Bait
  14. Bareback
  15. Blackmail
  16. Beastiality
  17. Bleeding
  18. Blood
  19. Bloodplay
  20. Blooded
  21. Blacked
  22. Bukkake
  23. Bestiality
  24. Caned
  25. Caning
  26. Canned
  27. Canning
  28. Cbt
  29. Cashapp
  30. Cannibal
  31. Cervix
  32. Cervics
  33. Cerviks
  34. Cervicks
  35. Comatose
  36. Coma
  37. Child
  38. Chocked
  39. Choke
  40. Choking
  41. Chokes
  42. Chocking
  43. Choked
  44. Choloroforming
  45. Chloroform
  46. Chloroformed
  47. Chloroforming
  48. Cycle
  49. CP
  50. Consent
  51. Drink
  52. Drinking
  53. Drunken
  54. Drunk
  55. Diapers
  56. Doze
  57. Dog
  58. Eleven
  59. Entrance
  60. Escort
  61. Escorted
  62. Escorting
  63. Enema
  64. FansOnly
  65. Fansly
  66. Fuckfan
  67. Fanfuck
  68. Fetal
  69. Fuckafan
  70. Fanfucked
  71. Fecal
  72. Facentro
  73. Fancentro
  74. Foetal
  75. Fisted
  76. Fist
  77. Fisting
  78. Farm
  79. Flogging
  80. Forcing
  81. Force
  82. Forced
  83. Forceful
  84. Forced Bi
  85. Fifteen
  86. Gaping
  87. Golden
  88. Gangbang
  89. Gangbanging
  90. Gangbanged
  91. Gangbangs
  92. Hardsports
  93. Hypno
  94. Hypnotize
  95. Hypnotization
  96. Hypnotizing
  97. Hypnotized
  98. Hooker
  99. Inbreed
  100. Inbreeded
  101. Inbreeding
  102. Incapacitation
  103. Incapacitate
  104. Inzest
  105. Incest
  106. Intox
  107. Jail
  108. Jailed
  109. Jailbait
  110. Kidnap
  111. Kidnapped
  112. Kidnapping
  113. Kidnapper
  114. Knocked
  115. Knock
  116. Knocking
  117. Lactation
  118. Lactating
  119. Lactate
  120. Lolicon
  121. Lolita
  122. Lalita
  123. Menstruate
  124. Menstruating
  125. Menstruation
  126. Menstrual
  127. Many Vids
  128. Medical play
  129. Molested
  130. Molesting
  131. Molest
  132. Meet
  133. Mutilated
  134. Mutilate
  135. Mutilating
  136. Mutilation
  137. Necrophilia
  138. Nigger
  139. Pedo
  140. Pedophile
  141. Pedophilia
  142. Prostituted
  143. Paralyze
  144. Paralyzed
  145. Paralyzation
  146. Pee
  147. Peeplay
  148. Pissed
  149. Poo
  150. Pissing
  151. Piss
  152. Poop
  153. Pooped
  154. Pooping
  155. Pegging
  156. Paddling
  157. Paypal
  158. Passed out
  159. Prostitution
  160. Prostitute
  161. Prostituting
  162. Pse
  163. Preteen
  164. Pre-teen
  165. Pre-scat
  166. Rapped
  167. Rapping
  168. Rape
  169. Raped
  170. Raping
  171. Rapist
  172. Restricted
  173. Snuff
  174. Showers
  175. Skat
  176. Strangle
  177. Strangling
  178. Strangled
  179. Suffocate
  180. Suffocation
  181. Suffocated
  182. Teen
  183. Toilet
  184. Torture
  185. Slave
  186. Scat
  187. Strangulation
  188. Slavery
  189. Torturing
  190. Tortured
  191. Trance
  192. Twelve
  193. Unconsciousness
  194. Unconscious
  195. Unwilling
  196. Underage
  197. Vomit
  198. Vomited
  199. Vomiting
  200. Vomino
  201. Venmo
  202. Whipped
  203. Whipping
  204. Watersports
  205. Young
  206. Zoophilia

Now, you obviously can't memorize the entire list for future reference. So take notice of these recurring patterns:

  • BDSM and hardcore kinks (Chokings, Caning, Flogging, Hypnosis).
  • Non-consensual sex acts (Forcing, Abduction, Kidnapping).
  • Animal cruelty (Bestiality, Zoophilia).
  • Injury and torture (Strangulation, Suffocation, Mutilation).
  • Anything age-related (Teen, Loli, Young).
  • Sex work (Meet, Prostitution, Escort, Hookers).
  • Drugs and intoxication (Drinking, Drunken, Chloroform, Intoxicated).
  • Other adult content platforms (FansOnly, ManyVids, Fansly).
  • Off-platform payments (PayPal, Venmo, CashApp).

These themes are pretty much a clear reflection of what's banned in OnlyFans' content policy. Avoid them on your profile and in your messaging.

In your journey as a creator, you'll likely encounter subs who want you to engage in conversations revolving around these banned topics.

Subscribers may try to start a conversation containing banned words on OnlyFans. Subscribers may try to start a conversation containing banned words on OnlyFans.

It's very important you don't engage. Try to steer the conversation away to a more acceptable topic. If they insist, set clear boundaries. You can and should block and report subs that cross the line.

OnlyFans restricted words checker

Trying to come up with a clever name for your OnlyFans? Writing a fun bio that expresses who you are with no holds barred? Or trying to be more naughty than usual in DMs to get more PPV sales?

If that's a yes, you're doing well, as these are all things that will help you succeed on OnlyFans.

Just run your text through this OnlyFans restricted words checker to ensure you're not using any restricted words unknowingly.

It compares your text against every OnlyFans restricted word and their variations.

If the checker spots an unsafe word, it highlights it for you. Use a synonym or rephrase that part.

What happens if you use banned words on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans detects restricted words in most text boxes across the platform.

So if you attempt to use a restricted word, the text box shows a red outline along with the error message.

But for some odd reason, the restricted word causing the problem is not highlighted or pointed out to you, which only causes confusion.

An example of OnlyFans bio restricted words - a common problem creators face. An example of OnlyFans bio restricted words - a common problem creators face.

Using restricted words on OnlyFans messages yeilds a slightly different outcome.

Using restricted words on OnlyFans messages causes your message to be deleted. Using restricted words on OnlyFans messages causes your message to be deleted.

So you could spend a good 15 minutes crafting the perfect PPV message, only for it to get deleted and not be sent to any of your subs. Frustrating, to say the least.

Use the restricted word checker in this article to identify problem words for important messages and announcements.

Can you get around restricted words?

Some users and creators try to game the system by using misspellings or substituting characters with letters. For example, by using "M33T" instead of "Meet".

But OnlyFans catches on quickly and accounts for these innovations.

You can bypass these restrictions with some clever spelling temporarily, but you'll eventually get caught and penalized.

It's best not to play around with banned words on OnlyFans. Most of them are off-limits for good reason.

In some instances, the restricted words get in the way of casual messaging.

Some OnlyFans banned words are not obvious at all. Some OnlyFans banned words are not obvious at all.

What to do if you've been banned for using restricted words

When you get banned, OnlyFans notifies you via email and clearly states the reason for your ban.

If you do get banned and it was for using restricted OnlyFans words, you should get in contact with OnlyFans' support via email ASAP and ask them to reinstate your account.

  1. Website contact form
  2. Creator support email:
  3. Twitter profile

The moderation team will manually review your account and determine the next steps based on the context in which you used the word.

So if you used banned OnlyFans words accidentally and without any ill intent, your account will likely be reinstated without much trouble.

FAQs about OnlyFans banned words

What words are restricted on OnlyFans?

The words banned on OnlyFans tend to be related to one or more of the following categories:

  • BDSM and hardcore kinks.
  • Non-consensual sex acts.
  • Animal cruelty.
  • Injury and torture.
  • Age-related kinks.
  • Sex work and prostitution.
  • Drugs and intoxication.
  • Other adult content platforms like ManyVids.
  • Off-platform payments like PayPal.

Go through the above list to get all the 200+ banned words on OnlyFans.

Why does OnlyFans have restricted words?

OnlyFans bans certain words to ensure your and your subscribers' safety. They want to ensure the platform remains a safe and comfortable environment for both content creators and fans, and that there is no possibility of exploitation or abuse.

Conclusion: Banned words on OnlyFans

To summarize what you learned:

  • OnlyFans prevents the use of certain words on their platform. Using these OnlyFans restricted words in roundabout ways can get you banned.
  • Currently, there are just over 200 words known to be unsafe to use. Go through our full OnlyFans restricted words list to see each of them.
  • Use the free restricted word checker to identify problem words. Do this especially before you upload important messages and announcements to ensure they don't get deleted.
  • If you get banned for unintentionally using restricted OnlyFans words, file an appeal with support via email. You'll likely get your account back.
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