OnlyFans Release Form - Everything You Need to Know

OnlyFans release forms can be intimidating. Well, not any more! You'll learn whether or not you need to fill out a release form, where you can find the pdf file on OnlyFans, and how you should fill it out. You'll also discover a simple alternative if filling out forms isn't your thing.
OnlyFans|September 21, 2023|8 min read
Learn what is an OnlyFans release form and how to fill it out.

What is a release form on OnlyFans?

Legally speaking, a release form is a document that serves to release any legal liability between releasee and releasor, signed by the releasor.

We know what you're thinking - that's an unreasonably complex definition to give to the average person. Let's use simpler language to explain it within the context of OnlyFans and adult content creation.

Let's say you upload some content to your timeline featuring someone other than you. Maybe it's your partner, maybe it's another creator you're collaborating with, or maybe it's a model you hired.

In any case, OnlyFans has to verify that any other people you show on your profile are above 18 and have consented to their photos/videos being posted on the platform.

This is very important and for obvious reasons. OnlyFans has to ensure they don't accidentally host content featuring minors on their platform.

To verify these details, OnlyFans requires you to have your co-stars fill out and sign a release form.

By co-stars, we're mean anyone and everyone who can be seen or heard in your photos, videos, audio recordings, and/or any other form of content you produce and upload to the platform.

OnlyFans can then verify that you have your co-stars' consent to shoot content featuring them and use it for commercial purposes. These forms are, therefore, also commonly referred to as OnlyFans consent forms.

Do I need to fill out a release form for OnlyFans?

If you're a solo creator and you haven't yet featured anyone else in your content, the answer is no. Release forms aren't something you have to deal with just yet.

The verification process you went through while signing up included your info and consent, so you don't need to fill out an OnlyFans release form for yourself.

If you have potential co-stars you want to feature in your content, you have two options:

  1. If your co-stars have a verified OnlyFans profile, you can simply tag them in the posts they're featured in. Since they went through the verification process when signing up, OnlyFans will have all the necessary information in their database.
  2. If your co-stars don't have a verified OnlyFans profile - or you just don't want to keep tagging them on every post - you must submit their release forms via a link on your profile. You'll learn how in just a minute.

A verified account can act as a substitute for an OnlyFans model release form. A verified account can act as a substitute for an OnlyFans model release form.

This screenshot was obtained from OnlyFans' official help center.

It's important to note that your co-stars do not need any public-facing content uploaded to their profiles. All that's required is for these profiles to have gone through the verification process.

OnlyFans often rejects applicants for minor errors and discrepancies. Go through our complete OnlyFans verification guide to get it right on the first try.

Get co-stars verified with the OnlyFans consent form

Sign in to your creator account and navigate to your left sidebar. You'll see a Release forms tab near the bottom of the sidebar. Select it. Note that you don't see this option until you're a verified creator.

Select the Release forms tab on the left sidebar menu to acquire a OnlyFans release form pdf. Select the Release forms tab on the left sidebar menu to acquire a OnlyFans release form pdf.

On the right side of the page, you'll see two options: Invite new user, and New release form.

Select the first option for profile verification and the second to get model release forms for OnlyFans. Select the first option for profile verification and the second to get model release forms for OnlyFans.

Invite new user

If you select this option, you'll be asked to input your co-star's stage name. OnlyFans will then generate a link for your co-star, which you can forward to them.

Following this link will take your co-star through a brief identity verification process.

This process involves visual verification; your co-star must submit a photo of their ID and a selfie with it.

Once everything's done, you'll be able to tag this co-star in your posts and be in compliance with OnlyFans' content policy.

If you want to verify multiple co-stars, you'll need to generate and send unique links to each one of them.

New release form

If you want to use release forms instead of profile verification as a means to feature co-stars on your timeline, select this option. Using release forms will save you from having to tag your co-stars on every post.

It's also a good practice to use release forms if you have multiple co-stars who aren't very enthusiastic about having an OnlyFans account.

This way, if they decide to deactivate their account in the future or run into any issues with OnlyFans, the content you produced together will still be in the clear.

Once you select this option, you can download an OnlyFans release form pdf. You can then print out as many physical copies as you require.

Have your co-stars fill them out and sign them. This menu is also where you'll turn in the signed copies to OnlyFans.

As an alternative, you can simply contact OnlyFans via email and ask them to send you the release form pdf there. Based on what we heard from our community of creators, they usually oblige.

How to fill out the OnlyFans release form pdf

Filling out release forms for OnlyFans is very simple.

The form only requires the filling out of a few essential pieces of information, such as the participant's legal name, ID details, and date of birth.

The legal name and OnlyFans username of the creator whose profile the shot content is going to be uploaded to are also required.

Here's what the OnlyFans release form pdf looks like.

What an OnlyFans consent form looks like (different than 2257 model release form). What an OnlyFans consent form looks like (different than 2257 model release form).

As you can see, filling it out should be relatively straightforward.

It's best to acquire the pdf via the "New release form" option on your profile to get the latest version of the form in case OnlyFans makes any changes to it.

If you're reading this article well in the future, treat this particular form more like an OnlyFans release form template.

What if you don't submit the OnlyFans model release form?

OnlyFans takes creator verification very seriously. Since early 2023, they've been especially active in searching for and taking down any content violating their rules.

Suppose you upload content featuring another person to your OnlyFans, and you don't tag their verified profile or have their release form uploaded. OnlyFans will very quickly flag the said content as being in violation of their content policy.

They'll notify you of the problem via email and ask you to upload your co-star's release form or have them verify their identity via a link. This link is provided in the email.

The email they're currently sending out for this purpose reads:


You have uploaded content featuring another person to your timeline. The use of third-party content without legal permission is a violation of our Acceptable Use Policy. As a result, your account may be paused or limited during this verification process.

Please provide this link to the Creator featured in your content. The verification takes a few minutes to complete: [Link]. Please note that the link is valid for 48 hours.

5 step verification process:

  1. Provide an email address to create an account;
  2. Check email to verify email address;
  3. Verify your documents;
  4. Sign the release form;
  5. Wait for results that will appear in a few moments.

Please note that we anticipate your response within the next 48 hours in order to keep your posts/account active. If you have an already existing Release form, please, forward it as a reply to this email.

If you fail to get back to them within these 48 hours, they'll take down the offending content. With multiple or repeat violations, you'd be putting your profile at risk of being suspended or banned.

Even creators who've been on the platform for a while have had some of their past content taken down recently.

In many cases, a creator featured their S/O or spouse without verifying them or uploading their release form.

Do I need to upload my partners model release form on OnlyFans? Absolutely. Do I need to upload my partners model release form on OnlyFans? Absolutely.

Remember that romantic partners and spouses are not exempt from the verification rules.

What is a 2257 model release form?

The 2257 release form is somewhat similar to the OnlyFans consent form we've discussed throughout this article, but the two are technically different.

The model release form 2257 is a legal document in the U.S., used mainly in the adult and entertainment industries. Like the OnlyFans model release form, it exists to provide certification that a performer in an explicit shoot is of legal age and consents to being recorded.

It's imperative to note that the 2257 model release form and the OnlyFans release form are not interchangeable.

If you're in the U.S. and shooting explicit content with other people, you must have their 2257 model release forms on record, as the law requires.

FAQs about OnlyFans model release forms

Can you make an OnlyFans for someone else?

At the moment, you can not make an OnlyFans for someone else. They must create it using their own info and ID. However, you can still help them manage the profile with their permission.

If you intend to appear in any of their content, you must fill out and submit an OnlyFans consent form or have them tag your verified OnlyFans profile.

You can also do things the other way around - create your OnlyFans with your info, have the other person fill out and submit an OnlyFans model consent form, and then feature them on your profile as a co-star or a model.

Something you should keep in mind here is that OnlyFans states that most of the content on a profile should feature the account holder, not co-stars.

Can you make an OnlyFans for someone else? Use OnlyFans creator release forms. Can you make an OnlyFans for someone else? Use OnlyFans creator release forms.

If your partner is the leading performer, having them create an account would be best.

Do I need to upload my partners model release form for OnlyFans?

If your partner appears on your OnlyFans content, you need to upload their OnlyFans model release form to the platform. The only exception is if your partner has their own verified OnlyFans account, in which case you can simply tag them in posts where you perform together.

If you fail to take either of these steps, OnlyFans will take down any violating content and give you 48 hours to upload your partner's release form.

Where to find the OnlyFans release form pdf?

You can find the OnlyFans release form pdf by navigating to Release forms > New release form on the website. You can also email OnlyFans to request a copy of the pdf.

A third option would be a quick Google search with the keywords "OnlyFans release form pdf." But it's best to stick with the first two options to get the latest version of the form.

Conclusion: How to fill out OnlyFans model release forms

Hopefully, you learned a thing or two about release forms. To sum things up:

  • An OnlyFans release form shows OnlyFans your co-star's consent and verifies that they're of legal age.
  • You do not need to fill out a release form for OnlyFans if you're a solo creator and do not feature anyone else in your content.
  • If you have co-stars, you can either tag their verified accounts or have them fill out and upload their OnlyFans model release forms.
  • You can find the OnlyFans consent form pdf on the website by navigating to the Release forms tab near the bottom of the left sidebar and selecting New release form.
  • Content featuring unverified individuals is taken down, and you're given 48 hours to have your co-star's identity verified.
  • A 2257 model release form is different from an OnlyFans release form.
  • You must upload your partner's model release form for OnlyFans, even if you're in a relationship or engaged.
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